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Props and Wardrobe from the TV Show Charmed
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Sunday, 14 October 2012 03:40

We started a new Facebook page for this site so we can take advantage of most fan's access to Facebook. Please feel free to like and join in on the conversations.



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Monday, 08 November 2010 00:00

Welcome to Charmed Props Dot Com!

We are fanatical fans of Charmed.  Over the past few years we have collected, hunted down and sought out pieces from the series.  In our pursuit of some of the objects we wanted, we had to purchase entire lots of items.  We think we have one of the world's biggest collection of items from the show.  The items we have collected are from every season from the very first episode to the very last.  It's come time to show off our collection and share the combined knowledge we have learned in collecting Charmed Props.  We think it's time to thin out our collection, keep those treasures we wanted and sell off those other treasures to our fellow fans of the show.

Enjoy our site, cherish the memories of the show and join our forum and share your own stories.


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Thursday, 01 July 2010 02:58

About Our Props

The props shown here on this site and those subsequently available for sale are authentic pieces directly from the set of Charmed.  Several of our pieces were purchased from the prop master, others were purchased from the various sales of Charmed property both on the internet and here in Hollywood.  We are Producers in the Entertainment Industry and have made a lot of contacts and in making those contacts we discovered connections to Charmed and this helped to acquire some of the more obscure items you will see on this site.

Some of the items you see will be for sale; if you see an item that you gotta have but it's not for sale you can always contact us and make an offer but please understand that if it's not for sale; than we really want it so it's going to take a fantastic offer for us to part with it.

Wisdom about purchasing Charmed Props

We've been collecting props for many, many years and we've seen a LOT of so called Charmed Props for sale on eBay.  Our best advice is to ask questions....LOTS of questions.  Find out what the seller knows of the piece and if they can tell you WHERE in Charmed it was used.  Ask for clearer photos and compare the item to the episodes (either DVD or search for the episode online.) 

 If someone says they worked on the set of Charmed, investigate it.  We know of at least one person who sold quite a large number of props claiming that he 'worked on the show."  The issue we found is that when you did a web search that his resume was available showing that during the years that Charmed was filmed in Hollywood he worked on the East Coast. When we asked people that we know worked on Charmed if they knew this person; nobody recognized the name.   He even was bidding on other Charmed props from the legitimate source of Charmed Props on eBay (It's a Wrap.)  His name never appeared in the credits nor on IMDB.com - the one thing we know from working in the Entertainment Industry is that everyone from the lowliest of production assistants usually gets named in the credits of a show.    Just because someone is pleasant and nice and can spin a tale about working on the show; don't believe them if they can't back it up or you can't verify it on outside sites.

Other "general store" types of sellers who sell housewares on eBay and are indignant when you ask them for proof of their claim of the item being from Charmed should be a red flag to everyone.  There are legitimate props from Charmed that do appear on eBay from time to time but they usually have a COA from one of the known Charmed Prop liquidators and you can compare the item to the DVD episodes or online videos.

Use other fans for information. You'll find that many Charmed fans are more than happy to talk about the show and to give their knowledge of episodes you may not know too well.

Happy Collecting!

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